HelloDive became Green Fins' Outreach Partner in the Greater China Region

Divers are deeply connected with the ocean as we are both its guests and protectors. Through strengthening the partnership with Green Fins, we hope to effectively reduce the negative impacts of diving tourism on the ocean ecosystem.

Green Fins is a global conservation programme supported by the United Nations Environment Programme and its parent organisation The Reef-world Foundation. It aims to protect coral reefs and reduce the negative environmental impacts associated with Marine Tourism, through the development and promotion of a series of sustainable diving and snorkelling guidelines. Since 2004, over 700 marine tourism operators have joined as Green Fins Certified Members, adopting the code of conduct and improving their compliance over time.

As an advocate of sustainable dive travel, HelloDive firmly believe in the Green Fins initiative. Over the last few years, we have promoted Green Fins guidelines at various DRT expos and marketing activities, including the translations of their annual poster materials and environmental reports.

As HelloDive transforms itself into a comprehensive diving information and booking platform, there is a lot more we want to do for the environment. Becoming the only Green Fins Outreach Partner in the Greater China Region will help us move forward with a range of initiatives. Such as helping sustainably operated dive shops to stand out, or incentivise our customers/divers to practice a responsible travel style, more details to come.

In the post-epidemic era, Chinese travellers will no doubt pay more attention to the relationship between the environment and themselves. We believe that more and more people will participate in marine conservation and be an advocate of sustainable travel. As part of the Chinese diver community and the tourism industry, HelloDive look forward to contributing to protecting our oceans, and flourishing together with our customers and partners.