DRT Malaysia 2024: what we learned about the local diving community

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This is HelloDive's first participation in an overseas dive show, and it was a valuable opportunity to connect with Malaysia's diving community.


The DRT Show Malaysia 2024 wrapped up successfully on February 4th, drawing diving enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. This annual event at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre attracted a record 25,365 visitors. It featured the latest in diving equipment, holiday destinations, dive packages, and marine conservation initiatives.

The team greatly enjoyed uncovering the travel styles and consumer habits of Malaysian divers. Here is what we found.

1. Preference for domestic dive resources

We've noticed that compared to divers from China, Malaysian divers place a higher emphasis on using local dive resources. Malaysia has many high-quality dive sites, and this leads local divers to explore and appreciate the country's unique marine ecosystems more. This preference is also reflected in their choice of Malaysian dive holiday packages over liveaboard dive trips.


2. Preference for Package Deals

As mentioned, Malaysian divers tend to prefer dive packages over liveaboard trips. This preference may stem from the availability of high-quality dive destinations in Malaysia. It negates the need for overseas travel to participate in comprehensive dive holidays. It could also be influenced by the income level of local divers, as an overseas liveaboard trip is often significantly more expensive than a domestic dive package.


3. Book directly instead of using a travel agency

Malaysian divers often bypass intermediaries and book dive packages directly with resorts or dive centers. They believe this approach allows them to gather information and communicate more effectively with service providers, thus ensuring a fair and trusted diving experience.


Looking ahead

HelloDive, as a dive travel booking platform, has already attracted a significant number of Malaysian users to our website each month. We were pleased to see many expo attendees recognize our brand and website. However, we are aware of the challenge to gain traction and conversions in this competitive dive market.


Moving forward, HelloDive is dedicated to addressing the needs of Malaysian divers. We will maintain our convenient booking platform, allowing divers to easily find information about dive sites in Malaysia and around the world, and make bookings with confidence through HelloDive. Despite the challenges, we remain optimistic and eager to find solutions.

We're excited to have met Malaysian divers in person and shared our experiences and insights. We look forward to further opportunities to work with Malaysia's diving community and contribute to the growth of the diving industry.